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We need pro-life women across America to take action and educate Americans about how the ERA is being pushed to enshrine abortion in the U.S. Constitution. Here’s what you can do:


1) Write a Letter to the Editor

  • First, find out where to send letters to the editor in your local paper. You can usually find this under “contact us” on the newspaper’s website or by looking in the letter to the editor section of your paper. Remember to look for your local online-only newspapers too, where community members can usually easily submit content. 

  • Second, write out your letter to the editor, but make sure to follow the guidelines for length listed in the paper. A good letter to the editor is usually only 4 to 5 sentences and gets straight to the point. Something straightforward like, “I am writing as a pro-life voter who does not want to see abortion funded by taxpayers in the state. I oppose passage of the anti-woman Equal Rights Amendment because it won’t help bring about equality between the sexes, instead it will just lead to more destruction of human life, and it has the potential to strip away legal protections for women. We can create a fair society without ending human life.” 

  • Third, make sure to proofread the letter and double-check you have provided all the information that is asked of you such as contact information.

  • Finally, if your letter to the editor is published, please send it to We’d love to see and share it!



2) Share These Op-Eds and Articles on your Social Media


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3) Shares These Videos on your Social Media